Are you reading the flow?
There are some jobs that inevitably require you to actually come into the workplace. However, telework and working through the web will continue to be more prevalent in the future. However, in companies that have begun to adopt telework in the wake of the corona disaster, there is a sense of a return to the old way of working as soon as the emergency declaration was lifted.
Companies that are not able to adapt to these new trends will be dismissed from the hiring process as “companies that do not even engage in telework”.

Advantages of telework?
Some companies are looking for telework to have a direct benefit to the company, but this perception may be a bit off.
In the age of 100 years of life, the world is moving towards securing employment until the age of 70. We have already entered an era in which a company cannot survive unless its employees are active regardless of age and gender. According to the “Survey on Career Development and Employment Management Issues in the 100-Year Life Era” conducted by the Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training, consideration of the need to create a comfortable work environment is an important issue for employment management and long-term tenure at Japanese companies.
In other words, we live in an era in which “improving work-life balance,” “balancing work with childcare, nursing care and medical treatment,” and “reducing employee stress” are all important.
It is ultimately to the company’s advantage to create an environment where a variety of employees can thrive. In the future, can a company that doesn’t think about its employees’ job satisfaction survive?
Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and telework should be an important benefit to improve company’s image.

Trial and error is the key to success.
Many companies are currently exploring the use of telework through trial and error. Only through the trial and error of managing working hours and performance, appraisal methods, reviewing commuter benefits, considering telecommuting allowances, and using tools will you be able to work more efficiently, improve your skills and create new businesses. Ignoring them would be tantamount to corporate suicide.
Companies are expected to create a place and atmosphere within the company where people can think autonomously about how to make the best use of everything.